Flu season is upon us! Protect your family using Gemmotherapy

I’m sure most of you are going, “gemmo-what??”.  Ha!  At least that was my reaction when our homeopathic doctor first mentioned it to us.  Gemmotherapy refers to remedies made from the buds or shoots of young plants.  They are different from herbal remedies which are typically made from adult plants.  Plant bud therapy (gemma means bud in Latin) began in Belgium in the 1950’s, and was clinically tested and introduced twenty years later by a French doctor, Max Tetau, who also gave it its name.  Gemmotherapy is known as the “chimney sweep” for cells, because of its ability to aid in eliminating and draining toxins from the body. Gemmotherapy herbal remedies are diluted (1:10 strength) in a base of alcohol with glycerin and water, and are safe for all ages of children and adults.  They are prepared in an amber glass bottle with a dropper.

In our house, we really believe in using natural preventatives and a go-to for us is a gemmo called Briar Rose.  We use it during flu season 2-3 times a week, whenever we are traveling (for the few days before and during) and twice a day during colds.  It has worked wonders for us!  I highly recommend this for adults and children. We have been using Briar Rose for my son since he was an infant (now 17 months old) and he has only been sick once. You can find gemmos at certain natural pharmacies and health food stores or you can buy online at http://www.drfeder.com/index.php?page=shop&action=browseProducts&categoryID=4


Dosage for Briar Rose:

Infants: 5 to 8 drops

Ages 2-8 years old: 12-15 drops

Older children and adults: 25 drops

I also wanted to share with you a book that is my medicinal bible!  It is called “Natural Baby and Childcare” By: Dr. Lauren Feder.  Dr. Feder is our family homeopath and about 75% of her patients are children. This book explains homeopathic medicine, gemmotherapy and how to administer them.  It also has an index of common ailments and offers recommendations for homeopathic remedies, gemmotherapy and other home treatments.  Even though it says it’s for natural childcare, I go to it anytime I am sick as well and have found the remedies very helpful.  As far as my sons care, my plan has always been to start with this book’s natural remedies and if my son is not improving within a few days then we would go to the doctor.  We have not had to go to the doctor for a sickness thus far.  You can buy the book online here http://amzn.to/XgckJn.


2 thoughts on “Flu season is upon us! Protect your family using Gemmotherapy

  1. do I give my infant these drops daily or when they seem sick? Did your little guy just take it – seems challenging to get an infant to take something like this?

    • Hi Stephanie! You give the drops 2 times daily if your infant is sick, 2-3 times a week during cold/flu season and everyday for the few days before and during travel. So if you are not traveling, it is not cold/flu season or your infant is not sick, do not use cause it isn’t necessary. 🙂

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