Must-haves for your 1 year old+

By special request, I am following up my baby registry must-have list with this must-have list for your baby who is 1+.  As your little one starts growing, eating on his own and running around, your needs are gonna change.  My guy is 18 months now, and below is a list of things that are tried and true.

Stroller: We love our City Mini GT.  I have friends who love their regular City Minis too, but I chose the GT (even though it is a little heavier) because the bigger wheels are better for different terrains.  I have found it to be perfect for our needs.  He seems comfortable, it lies flat, blocks the sun well, rolls smooth, travels well and isn’t too heavy to take in and out of the car myself. Done.

Car Seat:  Pretty much any car seat that is on the market is good.  They all have to meet certain safety requirements, so I would just choose one you like that is in your price range.  We have the Britax Boulevard and it is great.  I like the ones that have the side impact safety feature.

Jammies:  I have found that Old Navy’s one piece jammies work great.  They aren’t super soft, but my son seems comfortable in them and they get softer with washing and wearing.  They are pretty cheap, which is good for us, cause we need to go up a size every few months!  Plus they are cute and have good grips on the feet.          %2Fproducts%2Fbaby-boy-sleepers.jsp


Bowls and plates:  Toddlers can really make a mess while eating.  These bowls by Sugarbooger have a suction cup bottom and are non toxic.  They keep the bowl in place so that your little one can’t flip it over.  I bought the plates as well, but unfortunately they didn’t stick well and were a pain in the ass.  We started using them again recently without the suction cup bottom part (now that my son doesn’t throw the plate) and they work great. and

Disposable Place Mats:  The Green Sprouts disposable placemats have been a godsend for us!  We love to go out to eat as a family on the weekends and these keep my son’s mouth off the (probably not so clean) table and contain his food mess.  We chose this particular brand because they are biodegradable, non toxic and come with non toxic soy crayons. We stick it on the table first thing and he either colors on it or just plays with his toys on it, then I place his food directly on it to eat off of, then when he’s done I just wrap it all up and voila!  Love.

Catch all bibs:  The Baby Bjorn bibs are seriously genius.  They catch the food my son drops while eating and then he picks it back out and eats it!  It keeps him clean, prevents wasting food and helps keep food off the floor.  Super easy to clean too.  They come in a two pack and really that is all you need.  Seriously don’t even try another brand, these rock.

Sippy cups:  Now that your baby is drinking water more you’ll wanna have sippy cups readily available.  I wanted to find spill proof, non toxic ones that were easy for him to hold and the Green Sprouts straw sippy cups were perfect.  Exactly what you want out of a sippy cup.

Books:  Around the age of one you’ll want to encourage talking in your child by reading them first words books.  This was one of my sons favorite books.  It’s filled with pictures of things from common household items to animals to shapes and colors.  When we read it together, he’ll just point to things in the book and want me to tell him what they are.  I usually give this as part of my gift when I go to a first birthday party.

Toys:  The toys that I have found the most useful since my son as been a little older are A) toys that occupy him when we are at a restaurant, B) toys that occupy him while we are in the car, and C) toys to take to the park.  For the restaurant (and this will be different for every kid) , my son loves playing with little cars that he can roll on the table.  For the car, my son’s favorite toy is the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes.  We call it his “iPod” and it keeps him occupied forever.  Highly recommend this one! For the park, you want to get cheap toys that you won’t mind losing, getting dirty and letting other kids playing with.  It is inevitable that your kid will wanna play with other kids toys so you should bring something to trade.  Your kid will play with another kids truck while a different kid plays with the toys you brought, it’s just the way it goes.  Some good park toys are: balls, shovels, buckets, trucks and cars, and push toys.  TIP: Write your child’s name on your park toys in permanent marker so they don’t get confused for someone elses.

Clothes:  As your baby starts to walk and go to the park more often, the thing you want to look for most in clothes is comfort and versatility.  I rarely put my son in denim, because I feel like it restricts his movement.  Instead I look for pants that are cotton, yet still stylish, like these ones from Gap: and these Then I get tee shirts, long sleeve tees, a few hoodies and one or two jackets for really cold days.

Shoes: When my son first started walking we put him in these great thin leather shoes that were easy to get on.  Also, I find these baby moccasins freakin’ adorable for new walkers.  Now that he is running around outside, we needed to find something a little more sturdy.  The most important thing to look for is that the sole is still somewhat flexible and that they are easy to get on.  Our favorite right now are a pair from H&M that my cousin gave us as a gift when he was born (thanks Lori!).  They look like little high top converse, but are velcro and open really wide to easily slip his foot in.

I think that covers it!  I will update this list as my son grows and I find new things to share.

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