Beauty tips from an ex-model: Me!


Some of you may know that back in the day, I was a model…yup, that’s me above…ha!  I got “discovered” when I was 14, moved to New York when I was 18 and finally “retired” when I was 27.  It was an amazing time in my life….meeting interesting people, traveling, and of course learning about hair, make up and fashion.  Today, I want to share a few simple make up tips that I learned along the way..

1) Mascara-


If you accidentally get mascara on your eyelid after you’ve already put on eyeshadow, wait until it is dry to wipe it away with a q-tip.  If you wipe while it’s wet it will smear and ruin your eyeshadow, but if you wait till it is dry it will wipe away easily with little to no damage.

2) Lipstick-


If you are someone who gets lipstick on their teeth, this is the tip for you.  After you apply your lipstick or gloss, put your pointer finger in your mouth about half way, close your lips lightly around your finger and then pull your finger out.  This will take away any excess lipstick or gloss that is on the inner part of your lip, preventing it from ending up on your pearly whites.

3) Brows-


When you pluck your eyebrows, you don’t wanna over do it.  To make sure you aren’t taking too much away.  Take something straight, like a pair of tweezers or a thin eye make up brush and hold it vertically on your face starting at the outside edge of your nostril and going straight up to your eyebrow.  Know that this is where your eyebrows should start…in line with the outside edge of your nostrils.  Proportionally, it is what looks best.

4) Eyes-


If you wake up with puffy eyes (like me) this one’s for you.  Puffy eyes are really a build up of fluid around the eye. To break it up and get the fluid moving, place you first two fingers underneath the inner corner of your eye, then “walk” them out to your temples and then back towards your inner corner.   You don’t want to push too hard, but firm enough to move the fluid.  Do this a few times till you feel the puffiness reduce.

5) Lashes-


This is a great tip for those of you that have short or thin lashes, but don’t want to wear full on false lashes (which can look fake and cheesey). Instead of buying a full set of fake lashes, buy individual lashes.  Like the ones here  One at a time, place two to three of them (using just a small dot of clear eyelash adhesive at the “root” of the fake lash) on the outer half of your upper eyelashes.  After they have sufficiently dried, carefully apply your mascara. This will give you length and make your eyes pop without looking fake. You’ll really be surprised at how well this works and how natural it looks. You might even start to notice when you look at pics of celebrities or models that you can tell their make up artist used this tip. NOTE: Use tweezers to hold the lashes while you apply so that your big ol’ fingers don’t get in the way.

*If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comment section!

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