Happy Healthy Child- A DVD series for an informed pregnancy



I want to start this post by saying that just because I opted for an all-natural home birth for the birth of my son, I do not believe that everyone should do the same.  I believe that women should give birth where they feel most safe.  If that means in a hospital setting, and in the care of a OBGYN/surgeon, then that is where they should give birth.  One thing I feel VERY strongly about though, no matter where you plan on giving birth, is that you should be educated about pregnancy, and the birthing process so that you can make all of your choices (where to birth, who you want in the room, epidural, vaccinating, vitamin k shot, circumcision, etc) from an informed place. This is what I like to call having an “informed pregnancy”.  There is so much power in it.  It is about understanding the miraculous process that your baby and body are going through, what the natural stages of labor are, and what your body is designed to do.  When you know what your body is doing and what to expect, it eliminates the fear that many women have around birth.   Now, some people might be thinking, “Why do I need to know all that?  My doctor knows what to do and I’ll just leave it all in their hands”.  Well, I believe that way of thinking leads to many unnecessary interventions (pitocin, epidural, episiotomy), unnecessary cesarean sections and most of all, it leaves many women feeling disconnected from and disappointed in their birth experience.  On the other hand, being educated on, not only pregnancy and labor/birth, but also on all of the options in the hospital (fetal monitoring, pain relief, routine newborn procedures, and more) empowers couples to be active participants in their birth experience.

For me to get to this place of knowledge with all things pregnancy, labor and birth, I read many books, watched dvds, went to multiple classes/workshops, and talked to many experts.  Well, I have just come across a DVD series that has all of this valuable info in one place and looks amazing.  It is called Healthy Happy Child.  I have not watched them yet, only the trailer, but I can tell based on the experts that are interviewed that it is totally on track with what I believe and that it’s number one goal is to educate couples in an effort for them to eliminate fear around pregnancy, labor and birth and to empower them to take an active role in the birthing process instead of a passive one.  And that, I am all for.

You can watch the trailer here and get information/buy the dvds here.

9 thoughts on “Happy Healthy Child- A DVD series for an informed pregnancy

    • Hi Erica,
      It does show the procedure, but in “fast forward”, so a little faster than it would actually take to perform the procedure. Honestly, I couldn’t really watch it, cause it upset me too much. But I think it is important that people have the opportunity to see the reality of the surgery before deciding to subject their little boys to it.

      • thank you so much for the help do you know what method they used because my ob said there is gomco,mogen and plastibell

      • ok and do you still have a used copy of the dvd set and are you willing to sell it I can pay you through paypal if so just let me know thanks so much for your help

      • Hi Erica,

        So sorry for the delayed response! I actually would like to hold onto my copy, as I let friends borrow it and I like to revisit it here and there. Sorry! Still need to get you the answer on which circumcision procedure they show. Stand by! Thanks for you patience!

      • Hi Erica,

        It does not specify which method they are showing, but from what I can tell it is the Mogen. I just see some sort of clamp, not any bell shaped device being used. I do recommend you watch it if you are hesitant at all about it. It is very disturbing and they talk about how painful it can be for the baby. I personally can’t imagine putting my son through that. But, everyone is entitled to their own informed decision and I’m glad you are doing the research to decide what is best for you and your family. Good luck!


      • yes I would like to learn a little more about it and my ob does not have any kinds of circumcision videos and I do not have the money right now to buy the dvd set is there anyway you could record the circumcision portion of the dvd and email it to me I would just like to be informed and if you have a paypal I will gladly send you a little money for your time and effort I have looked in the public library as well and nothing and I do understand if you don’t have the time like my self I am a buisy person

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